Monday, October 11, 2010

Spider Attack - Join Mac for a Pet Party!

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Sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words!

Look at the snout on that spider!

Mom's been to PetsMart again.......lucky me.

I absolutely deserve a treat Dad.  Do you see what I'm wearing?

Oh no here come the neighbors.  Where can I  hide?

Ok, I'm feeling it now.  Let's play ball.  This costume rocks!

Now we're talking. 

Do you blog about your pet?
Join Mac for an online Pet Party 
Monday through Friday every week!
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  1. haha this is awesome. I love pet costumes :)

  2. Aww We used to have a yellow lab, she was the best!I think Mac deserves a bone for that costume!

  3. Great dog treats. I will try them this weekend. carroll