Monday, December 13, 2010

The Biggest Most Amazing Gingerbread House I've Ever Seen!

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Hey Ya'll!  Happy Monday!  

This past Friday "G" and I went to uptown Charlotte for "G's" company holiday party.  FYI - In Charlotte uptown is what most of us refer to as downtown.  We have lived here 3 1/2 years and I'm still not used to that.  Anyways, about a week before the party "G" called me one day and said "Let's stay the night in uptown after the party".  Woo Hooo!  I love hotels!  To our surprise several of the hotels uptown were sold out.  Really?  Well we eventually found an available room at the Ritz Carlton.  Fancy Smanshy!  I've never stayed at a Ritz Carlton before.  I couldn't wait!

Do you believe things happen for a reason?  Whether it be something small or something life changing.  I do.  If we had stayed at any other hotel we would have never seen this!

The World's First Green Gingerbread House.  It was huge!  10 feet high by 14 feet wide.  It was AMAZING!

Here is what the sign said:

Welcome to the World's First GREEN GINGERBREAD HOUSE.

The Ritz Carlton, Charlotte is proud to present the first-ever environmentally-friendly, all- organic Gingerbread House.

Designed and created by the hotel's engineering and culinary teams, our holiday house measures 10 feet high by 14 feet wide and is made of recycled building materials and all organic culinary components.  Its green "vegetated" moss roof is inspired by the eco-minded roof of The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte itself.

Ingredients of our edible estate includes

500 pounds of organic white, brown, and confectioner's sugar
80 pounds of organic egg whites
300 pounds of organic bread flour
160 organic eggs
48 pounds of molasses
5 pounds of salt
6 pounds of baking soda
160 pounds of shortening
4 pounds of cinnamon
20 gallons of organic milk
3 pounds each of nutmeg, allspice, and cloves
1 pound of ginger powder

The Gingerbread House caused the entire lobby to smell heavenly and like the holidays.  It was perfect!

Here are some more photos.

I turned the flash off on my camera so you could see how the inside of the house was lit up and glowing through the candy windows.

Then the flash came back on to try and show the crazy detail on the house.

I wonder how long it took the teams to complete the project?

The hotel even had a complimentary hot chocolate bar to enjoy.  It was delicious!

Let me say - I think even scrooge would be in the holiday mood after coming into the Ritz!

So we checked in and went up to the room.  It was beautiful. 

Here is the hot happening place in uptown. Epicenter. 

Check this out!  A TV in the bathroom mirror!  OMG we want one of these!

In all the excitement we didn't get pictures of us until after the holiday party.  Not to bad for midnight!  

Thanks "G" for a wonderful night out!  Love you!


  1. Cool gingerbread house! You guys look great all dressed up. I love your dress. I've never seen a tv in a mirror before-I want one too! Glad you had a nice weekend.

  2. That house looks so cool! Thanks for sharing :)